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Society Membership:
Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours

Biographical details:

1947 Born on 15th September, Johannesburg, South Africa
1964-68 B.A. Fine Art Stellenbosch University
1979-83 B.A. Open University, UK
2002 Elected to the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours
2004-06 Taught watercolour at Penzance Art School
2007 Moved to France

Artist's statement:

My subject matter is still life. I love the quiet delights of everyday things, folded or rumpled cloth. I also explore less conventional ways of composing objects and cloth. My aim as a painter is to produce a finshed, two-dimensional work. I disapprove of conceptual “art”.


2006 Artists’ Kew, Kew Gardens
2006 Art in Action
Regular exhibitions at Manya Igel Fine Arts, Lincoln Joyce, Great Bookham and Mall Galleries .

Method of working:

I had a strict, traditional training and I work very conventionally. In paint in watercolour on paper, oil on canvas, and tempera and gouache on board, all with brushes. I use as limited a palette of colours as possible. Drawing is all important. I sketch first, and then draw out the work before painting, working from my sketches and objects in front of me. I tend to work on one painting at a time, but I have a long list of ideas, and up to four still lifes set up in my studio. These might change slightly before I get around to them. Sometimes I will dismantle one totally and start anew. I do not approve of simply displaying a concept and not painting it in the classical way.

Scholarships, Awards, Prizes:

Arts Club Award, 2006
Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours Member’s Award, 2004
Talenz Watercolour Prize, Tregastel, France, 1998
Henri Lidchi Prize, 1968
Henri Lidchi Prize, 1967


Articles in ‘Artists & Illustrators’, 1996 and 2002
‘Watercolour Workshop’, John Lidzey, Harpercollins, 1995
‘Artists’ Kew’, Royal Botantical Gardens, Kew, 2006

Janet has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe, and also in the Singer Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Competitions, the Discerning Eye, in group exhibitions at the Mariners Gallery, St. Ives, and at Tregaquarelle International watercolour competition in Tregastel, France - winning the Talenz Prize in 1998. Invited to show in the 'Artists Kew' exhibition in 2006, for which there is also a full colour publication of selected paintings of all the artists.

Taught watercolour painting at the Penzance Art School and at frequent watercolour workshops in Penzance and St. Ives. Took part as a painter/demonstrator at Art in Action at Waterperry House near Oxford in July 2006.

Moved to France in 2007 and has enjoyed a break from exhibiting while settling. Still joins RI Exhibitions and exhibits with Manya Igel fine Arts in London and Ham, with Lincoln Joyce Fine Art in Great Bookham and the Little Picture Gallery in Mousehole, Cornwall.

Works mainly in watercolours, but also in oils, gouache and tempera. Subject matter has been, and still often is, still-life and interiors, but the change of pace and 'new life' in France is an opportunity to develop different aspects of still-life, do more abstract work and generally to explore new ideas.


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