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John Huggins  Hon VP RWA, FRBS.

Date of birth July 10 1938

Born in Wiltshire, England in 1938, John Huggins  has been a sculptor for nearly half a century. He studied at the West of England College of Art, Bristol and taught part-time until 1976, leaving teaching to concentrate on sculpture. John is a fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and and the Royal West of England Academy where he has served as Academicians Chairman and Vice President. 

His work is included in numerous group exhibitions in England and can be seen in the collection at the Bristol City Art Gallery, Regional Arts Council, Bristol University, Phillips Petroleum, London, Singer Friedlander Bank, London and National Huntington Bank Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Most of his sculptures are cast in bronze and this demanding process is closely supervised with the artist attending to much of the technical work himself. John has work in collections worldwide and shows with galleries, dealers and agents in the U.K, USA, Holland and Switzerland.

About a hundred sculptures are available with open editions of (usually seven) . Bronzes cast to order take about three months to complete. Many are illustrated in his book, signed copies of which are available from gallery LeFort. His present work is mostly figurative, influenced by a wide variety of sources, from the ancient Godesses of Malta to popular fashion culture and modern sculptors like Marini and Brancusi.

John Huggins writes....

In recent years I have found myself working on several different parallel fronts, re-visiting and developing key ideas from previous themes. So the attraction to ancient Mediterranean sculptures from Malta and the Cyclades, which inspired the goddess series runs chronologically alongside a group of abstract heads ( the Cabeca series) influenced by modern sculptors like Marini and Brancusi. And while the gymnast pieces draw energy from modern pop imagery, others are inspired by the drawings and photographs of artists like Robert Mapplethorpe, Modigliani and Matisse.

John Huggins May 2008

The critic Edward Phelps has commented about his work,

..........The pictures on his studio wall are revealingly catholic, Robert Mapplethorpe's phtographs are pinned next to austere images from medieval sculpture and the flowing lines of luxury cars. These modish things are never more than faintly implicit in the work itself......the wide nature of his formal sympathies gives his work its eclectic vitality and  its human interest...........

Cabeca Nova


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