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Born on March 14th 1974 inYorkshire, Lucy chose not to follow the route of a formal art school education, instead preferring simply to paint and learn from close observation, and studying painting and portraiture. She began accepting commissions from an early age and now has work all over the world including the UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Spain, Israel and South Africa.

In 2009 Lucy was elected an associate member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

Artist's statement:

Above all else, I want my paintings to capture life, accuracy and positive representations. I enjoy creating art that reflects what I see, hopefully with depth. My real passion is painting people, and aiming to portray not just appearance, but also hopefully what lies beyond.


2005 Society of Women Artists

2005 Royal Institute of Oil Painters 

2006 Royal Society of Portrait Painters
2006 Society of Women Artists
2006 Royal Institute of Oil Painters
2007 Society of Women Artists 
2007 Royal Institute of Oil Painters 

2008 Royal Institute of Oil Painters 

2009 Royal Institute of Oil Painters

Method of working:

I work in oil on canvas or linen, painting from a combination of life and photographs, especially for portraiture. I like to visit the sitter’s environment and truly absorb “them” and their personality. I tend to work on one painting at a time so that I can focus entirely on the subject. When painting portraits, I like to really capture the spirit, essence and character of the sitter, and so I thoroughly enjoy our meetings and absorb all the information and details I can, however small. I feel a portrait needs to be based on trust, and listening!

My paintings take a varied amount of time depending on complexity, a simple still life may be relatively quick, but a group portrait far more time consuming. Usually I work with rather small brushes painting very finely, gradually building the detail. I begin with a detailed drawing drawn directly onto the canvas, and then build up the painting gradually over the established foundations.

Scholarships, Awards, Prizes:

Yorkshire Young Artist of The Year  

Barbara Tate Oil Award, Society of Women Artists
C.Roberson & Co Award 2006, Royal Institute of Oil Painters 

Stanley Grimm Prize (Second) Royal Institute of Oil Painters 

Daler Rowney People’s Choice Award, Society of Women Artists

Second Prize Windsor and Newton Awards, Royal Institute of Oil Painters

C.Roberson Award 2007, Royal Institute of Oil Painters 

L. Cornelissen & Son Award, Royal Institute of Oil Painters

Emeritus Professor David Chiddick
Lord Hattersley  

John Vartan - Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Painter Stainers  
Dickie Bird MBE, Cricket Umpire
Lord Sandy Leitch  

Air Commodore Dave Wilby  
Air Vice Marshall David Davies
Rt. Revd Dr John Saxbee, Bishop of Lincoln 

John Logie Baird (Posthumous)

Image from Lucy McKie 

Self Portrait

Oil on Canvas

40 x 30 inches

Green Glass and Lemons
Lucy McKie ROI


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