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We present ceramicist, Avril Farley to Gallery LeFort for the first time.  Articles relating to Avril's pieces can be found in the following publications:

Frank and Janet Hamer Potters Dictionary edition 5 - Featured Article

Diane Creber - New Edition Crystalline Glazes published May 2005 - Featured artist

Ceramics Techincal Vol 20 2005 - Australia, featured artist

Ceramic Review March/April 2006 - Rare Earth Glazes

2006 Gallery Guide - Parkfields Ross on Wye.

Avril is a member of South Wales Potters and an Associate member of the Craft Potters association. Her first taste of ceramics was a one off occasion as a guest at an adult education class in Australia in 1997. The experience encouraged her, on her return to the U.K. to enrol for a two year BTEC National Diploma in Design and Studio Ceramics at the Royal Forest of Dean College, under the auspices of Alastair Young and Jack Doherty, followed in September 2000 by a two year Professional Development Certificate Course, both of which she passed with Distinction. 

After working for over 30 years in commerce, she gave up 'the day job' in February 2002 to devote the majority of her time to ceramics. Her workshop is an old converted wash house at her home in the Forest of Dean,where apart from a small gas bottle fuelled raku kiln, she is wholly dependant upon electricity to fire her work.


Personal Statement             


Although I occasionally useother clays, my great love is porcelain, and the majority of my work is made in this demanding clay. Whatever the media, it is very important to me that my work is well finished, tactile and visually appealing at any angle.

My pieces are thrown Limoge special porcelain or a very white stoneware clay form Australia, fired to between 1260 and 1280 celcius in an electric top loader. I am interested in glaze technology, particularly in the field of creating unusual glaze surfaces within the constraints of electric kiln firing, and the subject of my work is an ongoing exploration into the beguiling and frustrating discipline of Macro Crystalline glazes. I am constantly experimenting with new shapes and glaze combinations within this field, and my work ranges from tiny bottles to very large bowls and dishes.

I am inspired by the simple, graceful shapes of Song dynasty Chinese porcelains: the Art Nouveau period with its fludity of desigh:botanical motifs and the natural world in general- from fractals to water and the folds of desert and rock. I have often thought he specialised crystalline glaze on my porcelain bowls and bottles to be reminiscent of many natural themes, including the soft lichen on the stones and trees of the Forest in which I live and work.......

                                       .......................  Avril Farley

Large light blue Bowl
Avril Farley


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