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1974- 77             Royal College of ARt: MA (RCA) Painting

1971- 74             Central School of Art & Design, London, Dip. A.D. Painting

1969-71              Somerset College of Art, Taunton          


I have been a practicing artist since leaving the Royal College of Art in 1977. In that time, my work has been through various phases of development. I work in series, spending anything from one to ten years on a given theme.

During the eighties, after winning a portrait prize in the National Gallery's annual open exhibition, I became mainly concerned with portrait and figure painting, and worked in oils. Throughout my career I have made portraits to commission from time to time. At that time I was looking in particular at the work of artists such a Stanley Spencer, Degas, and Velasquez. In 1990 I painted a self-portrait that borrowed ides from Goya's Portrait of the Duchess of Alba. The late eighties also saw a gradual return to, and development of, my interest in still life and lanscape painting.

During the nineties I began to make paintings in gouche on a Chinese ink ground (a technique I discovered whilst working in mixed media), and produced a long series of still lives in which invention and memory played as large a part as observation. These became progressivly more detailed. I had learned the craft of wood engraving from the painter/engraver, Blair Hughes Stanton while studying painting at the Central School of Art in London in the 70's.  IN 1993 I founded the Yellow Fox Press and produced several books of poetry illustrated with my wood engravings and woodcuts. My paintings at that time reflected the clarity and attention to detail of the wood engravings.

In 200 I joined a group of artists on a trek in the Australian Outback.  As a still life painter it was hard to cope with the vast spaces of the Australian desert. I drew on older resources, returning to some of the methods I had explored earlier, when in the eighties and early nineties, I had made paintings inspired byt the Tuscan landscape, and North Wales. I also discovered the work of the Australian artist Fred Williams. My Australian landscapes bring together a love of observation and a need to be more freely expressive with the paint. I began to mix sand and other things with the paint in an attempt to find a means of conveying my sense of the toughness and fragility of this landscape.

My sense of awe at finding myself in the ancient interior of the Red Continent was something I was lucky enought to repear, on the other side of the world, deep in the Amazon, in February 2004. The ancient and silent spaces of the flooded forest took hold of my imagination. In the following two years I developed a series of spacious and elemental watercolour paintings inspired by both the vast empty spaces of the Amazon River, and the enclosing jungle.

Currently, I  am working on a new series of landscape paintings, this time inspired by a hill near my home in North Somerset. It is a hill over which I have walked countless times. I am at present working from aerial photographs, some of which I have taken myself.  My paintings are exploring the transformation of volume to pattern that is our experience of landscape from the air. In this, I am exploring connections with my subject matter that go beyond realism. However, the structing of' things as they appear to be' is still an artistic necessity, feeding my imagination and my work.

Ros Cuthbert/March 2007

Solo Exhibitions

2005    New Gallery, Royal West of england Academy, Bristol -'The Great River'

1999   Toll House Gallery, Clevedon

1999    Atelier 25, Chinon, France

1999   Jazz Gallery, Winchester

1996    Atelier 25, Chinon France

1995    Anthony Hepworth Fine Art, Bath

1993    Percy Thomas Partnership, Bristol

1990    Victoria Rooms, Bristol, From Bristol to London in Seven Years.

1989    Bristol Cathedral: Hostages - Paintings and Prints (Bristol Print Festival)

1989    Camden Galleries, London: Wounds & Balm - Paintings & Prints

1985    Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, London WC2 - Linocuts

1981    Parkway Focus, London N20 (Barnet Arts Council) - Watercolours


1991    Brewhouse Open Exhibition, Taunton

1982    Royal West of England Academy: 1st prize

1981    Imperial Tobacco Portrait Award: 2nd prize

1977    Madame Tussauds Award for Figurative Art (RCA)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2008-1995   Royal West of England Academy: Annual Exhbition

2008            Royal West of England Academy: 150@150 Exhibition

2008           The Gallery, Willesden Green London - Cecil Collins Centenary Exhibition

2007           Sadler Street Gallery, Wells, Somerset - Between Sea & Land

2007           South West Academy, Open Exhibition

                     Clifford Fishwick Gallery, Exeter

2007           Victoria Art Gallery, June 16th - July 21st

2007           Winscombe Farm Studio, North Somerset Art Weeks

2006           Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol

2006           Hillview Artspace, Wedmore, Somerset Art Weeks

2004           Ashurst, London EC2 In House Exhibition

2003           Royal West of England Academy: Tooth & Claw, animal paintings

2003           Chapel Row Contemporary Art, Bath          

2002           Hans Price Gallery, Weston-super-Mare





Artichoke Flowers
Ros Cuthbert MA RWA


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