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Kate Delhanty, NDD., Slade Diploma of Fine Art, ATD, RWA

Kate Delanty sudied at Reading University and the Slade. After doing a Teachers Diploma at University College, she taught at Cheltenham Ladies College. She was elected to The Royal West of England Academy in 1970 and has been a member of the Cheltenham Group and Fosseway Artists. She has work in the collection of the Royal West of England Academy, Cheltenham Art Gallery and in private collections here and abroad.

 Although her work is figurative and objective she tries to explore the abstract relationship of forms and shapes within the picture frame. She uses a painting knife and undiluted oil paint which helps her to give a clear statement of these forms by building up their planes and structure.

She enjoys painting on an intimate scale exploring the subtlety of light playing on different surfaces and as Cezanne said 'remaking the world in paint'.


Three Apples
Kate Delhanty RWA


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