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Susan Caines was born in Bristol and studied at the West of England College of Art specialising in painting.

After a career in teaching young children she started painting full time in 1988. In 1995 she was elected a member of the Royal West of England Academy and in 1999 was given a show at the R.W.A. She moved to Brighton in 1995 where she now lives and paint and has had a one man person show each year from 1990.

Initially influenced by the flattened space and decorative qualities of the Quattrocento and primitive Siennese painting her work has developed within a duality of landscape and still life.  The former are often landscapes created or recalled, memories of special places.  The objects in the still life paintings can be real or imagined but have their own space and aura and form tableaux or placements.

Recent work show paintings of compressed space in which ojbects breathe in meditative silence. Colour is pale and muted. The motif is revisited deepening the interpretation of simple objects.

2008     Gallery LeFort Fine Art. Bath (Christmas mixed media show given by invited lady

               members of the Royal West of England Academy

2008      Amalgam Art O.S.O. Barnes, London

2007      Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne

2005     The Gallery Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London

2004      Alpha House, Sherborne

2002      Alpha House, Sherborne

2001      Ainscough Contemporary Art, London

2000     Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne

1999     Ainscough Contemporary ARt, London

              New Ashgate gallery, Farnham

              Royal West of England Academy, bristol

1998     Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne

1997     Ainscough Contemporary Art, Ldonon

1996     Alpha House Gallery, Cherborne

1995     Guild Gallery, Bristol

1994     Rooksmoor gallery, Bath

1993     Happening Gallery, Bristol

1992     Happening Gallery, Bristol

1991     Happening Gallery, Bristol

1991     Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath

1990     Guild Gallery, Bath.      

Blue Jug
Susan Caines RWA


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