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Artist's Statement

My paintings are more narrative than representational - that is, they are about the subject rather than of the subject.  The places or objects that I paint have seemed to make a direct appeal to me to do something with them - to first absorb and then interpret them. Growing up on the edge of Romney Marsh gave me a strong affinity with landscape, now my main preoccupation, although I think I see every potential subject as a landscape - heads, bodies and objects included. They are all places to be explored , the countour lines to be charted and elevations worked out. So the final work is an invitation to stroll about within the parameters of the picture.

Anna grew up in a small village near Rye on the edge of Romney Marshon the East Sussex/Kent border. The first pictures she saw were reproductions of the Pre-Raphaelite paintings pinned to the walls in her village school.  The Hireling Shepher, the Blind Girl, Ophelia dn the Death of Chatterton were favourites.

The first artist she was aware of was the watercolourist Edward Burra who lived in the same village. They had a mere nodding acquaintance, as they passed daily, Anna on her way to school and the shy, reclusive Burra shuffling off to buy cigarettes. She saw his work in the Penquin Modern Painting Series. His paintings and the works of the Pre-Raphaelites drew directly upon the familiar landscape of Sussex and Kent, so Anna was made aware of the landscape she knew being translated into painting. Like many children, Anna began painting at a young age- but she just carried on into adulthood.

Anna's experience of growing up in the country in the war years and after was very different from life as it is today. Now it seems a tamed and comfortable dormitory - land for larger towns.  Then many families, like Anna's were very poor. Children worked with their parents in the fields at haymaking, harvesting, hop picking and potato lifting. They had a very special relationship with the soil: they walked and played in it.  No one had car, a bicycle if you were lucky. Anna developed a deep love for the country with all its scorching sun, wild winds, rain and mud. It became her promised land - comforting and inspiring.

She later studied fine art at St. Martin's School of Art in London where she met and married the artist Robyn Denny, from whom she is now divorced.  She has a son and daughter, now grown up and has lived and taught in Bath for many years.

Anna has exhibited in Bristol, Liverpool, London, Italy and Switzerland and has been a Member of the Bath Society of Artists since 2004. 

1960     The Portal Galery

1962     Robert Melville's Choice

1963     Pop art, Midland Group Gallery

1965     ICA London

1971    Bristol City Art Gallery

1972    Festival Gallery - Bath

1974    Peter Blake's Choice, Festival Gallery, Bath

1976   John Moore's, Liverpool

1977    Picadilly Gallery, London

1977   International Art Fair, Bologna, Italy

1977   International Art Fair, Basle Switzerland

1978  Picadilly Gallery, London

1982  Royal West of England Show

1983  Festival Gallery- Bath

1983  David Paul Gallery, Chichester

1994  Picadilly Gallery Summer Show

1998  West of England Academy

1999  New Grafton Gallery, London

2000  The Discerning Eye Mall Galleries, London

2003   Rye Art Gallery

2001 -2008 Bath Society of Artists

2008   Royal West of England Academy

2008   Victoria Art Gallery, One Man Show, Painting the Promised Land

2008   Gallery LeFort Fine Art, Bath, Christmas Exhibition

Solsbury Hill
Anna Teasdale


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