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Artist's Statement

I have always thought of musical instruments as truly funtional works of art with their beautiful designs and their dynamic harmonic ranges and being an amateur violinist/musician found myself inspired to design these sculptures which reflect in a modern way the instruments classic heritage combined with the interpretation of the tonal waves.

The styles of the instruments are an evolution of design ideas that I have been developing since 1993. I looked at each part of the instruments individually and visualised how the vibration of the notes being played would resonate from it. The consideration of the physical movements of the musician were another important factor in the design as their passion for their art affects the mood of the music and the feel of this visual information of 'sound' form.


 Andrew Thomas is a professional sculptor living in Wareham, Dorset, UK. He is mainly self-educated but was also taught by the world famous sculptor 'Ian Norbury' in 1992.

He has over twenty years of experience on the subject and has been professional since 1993.  His mediums are principally bronze, wood and various metals. His work can be seen in many private collections both in the UK and Europe.

Andrew is also a qualified tutor in further education and delivers weekly lessons for private students at both beginner and intermediate levels. Over the years he has authored many 'How to' articles for the Guild of Master Craftsmen publication 'Wood Carving' and also the Highbury Leisure Magazines 'Woodworker' and Practical Woodworking'.

Andrew has worked with several different styles of form including; realism, abstract, cubism and constructivism. The diversity of the works that he has created in these styles has been a major contribution to his technical and personal development as an artist and enabled him to deeply connect with his inner creative being which he feels is truly the most important influence of his work.

His aspiration is to produce works of art that have been studied, contemplated and allowed to 'be' by their own right for existence. The viewer has an equally important function in partnership with the art as the purpose of form is to be 'switched on' and to challenge its observer, evoking emotions that enrich them and deeply connect them with the essence of the form.

Andrew has won many prestigious awards for his work including three international gold medals at Ascot 1997, Wembley 2000 and Alexandra Palace 2002.

Past and Present Exhibitions

2009      'Spring into Summer' Exhibition, Gallery LeFort Fine Art, Bath

2009       Turner  Fine Arts

2009       UK Fine Arts

2009       Focus Gallery, Nottingham

2009       Walker Contemporary Gallery, Harrogate

2009       Montpellier Gallery, Stratford upon Avon

2009       Artifex, Birmingham

2009       Number Nine Gallery, Birmingham

2008       Royal WEst of England Academy, 156th Autumn Exhibition

2008       Birmingham Art Fair

2008       Llangollen Art Exhibition

2008       Focus Gallery, Nottingham

2008       Walker Contemporary Gallery, Harrogate

2008       Defined Art Gallery, Esher

2008       Montpellier Gallery, Stratford Upon Avon

2008       Artifex - Birmingham

2008       Number Nine Gallery, Birmingham

2007       Royal West of England Academy, 155th Autumn Exhibition

2007       The Summer Fair Olympia, London

2007        The Walker Gallery, Harrogate

2007        Defined Art Gallery, Esher

2007        Dorset County Arts Exhibition

2006        Project Workshops, Salisbury

2004        Paint 2004

2004       Dorset Art Weeks

2003       Paint 2003

2002       Royal Bath adn West

2001       Tithe Barn, Swanage, Dorset

2001       Alexandra Palace, London

2001       Royal Bath and West

2000       Wembley Exhibition Centre, London

2000       Royal Bath and West

1999       Dorset County Arts Exhibition

1999       BriMarc, Warwick

1999       Wembley Exhibition Centre

1998       Dorset County Arts Exhibition

1997       Royal Ascot

1996       Dorset Gallery

1996       Dorset Art Weeks

1995       Wembley Exhibition Centre, London

1994       Dorset Gallery

1994       Dorset County Arts Ehxibition

1994       Sandown Park, Esher.


Three iInternational Gold Medals

INternational Bronze Medal

Five INternational first Prize awards

Five International 'Runner up' awards

Andrew Thomas


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