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Cara Mckinnon Crawford exhibits an intuitive interpretation of light and colour which is true to the tradition of the great Scottish colourists and following in the footsteps of her father: the eminent Scottish colourist the late, John McKinnon Crawford.

A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art was preceded by an equally important upbringing in the highlands of Scotland. Her painting style is spawned from a minimal use of pallet, yet provides an inspirational interpretation of all the natural beauty the land and seascapes can offer. Crawford's freshness and honesty for her craft is typically evoked through her underlying structure of sound drawing and observation. Her paintings display the majesty of the country - windswept, stormy, sunny or idyllic, the canvas at her feet, the paintings flowing directly from her observation of the landscape before her, capturing the spirit of these wild places.

Cara comments,

      Scotland has colour when there is no sun,

       where dark purple skies turn a hillside into Gold.........................


The Queen's View, Loch Tunnel, Perthshire
Cara McKinnon Crawford


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