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1952          Born Newcastle to Scottish Father from Glasgow

1970-74    Edinburgh College of Art




A high realist style is characteristic of the work of artists who use egg tempera. The Medium only allows the application of small amounts of pigment at any one time. It disallows the grand painterly gesture as the egg often dries too quickly on the brush. Few artists take the trouble with this glorious medium, but those who do are highly rewarded for their patience.

Andrew Goerge is one such artist. He paints the landscapes around his home in the Mendip hills of North Somerset, Dorset's coastline and the hills of Scotland. On first impression Andrew Geroge's paintings are finely detailed - they are incredibly well observed, often with each blade of grass or small pebble given perfect realisation; and yet on closer inspection one notices passages of paint which are almost abstract, where the detail is more impressionistically suggested. Multiple perspectives lead the eye to a combination of vanishing points, that provide a wonderful sense of space and distance.

The landscapes are selected for their sense of the sublime, Many are rugged and windswept. The uncomfortable feeling of standing close to a Dorset cliff edge with the sheer drop to the sea, or the barreness of a hillside moor, tend to give the paintings a visual edge. Many are winter scenes, winter being his preferred season; bare trees open up a landscape where the dense foliage of summer closes it down.

George graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1974. Recently his paintings have come to be seen as part of the tradition of Scottish realist art, a tradition that goes back to the 18th century. The purchase of a major painting by the Fleming Collection of Scottish Art, London in 2005 recognised George within this history.

                                                                   Written by Geoffrey Bertram, September 2009.


1975       Lamp of Lothian, Haddington

1984       Nevill Gallery, Bath

1985       Nevill Gallery, Bath

198          Nevill Gallery, Bath

1989        The Black Swan Guild, Frome



1997        Atkinson Gallery, Millfield Open (Prizewinner)

1998        Anthony Hepworth, Bath

2000        South West Arts, Exeter  (Prizewinner)

    "            South West Arts, Exeter (Prizewinner)

2001        Manor House Gallery, Cheltenham

    "           Marine Gallery at Beer

    "           Anderson Gallery, Burford

    "           Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

    "           Pewsey Gallery, Pewsey

    "           Somerset Art Week

 2003      Marine Gallery at Beer

     "          Anderson Gallery, Burford

2004       Marine Gallery, Burford

   "            Somerset Art Week

2006       Affordable Art Fair, London with Bertram

    "           Somerset Art Week

    "           Quartz, Queens College, Taunton

    "           Art London Art Fair, with Bertram

    "           Sadler Street Gallery, Wells

2007       Affordable Art Fair, with Bertram

    "            Glasgow Art Fair, with Bertram

    "            Portal Gallery, London

    "            21/21 British Art Fair with Portal Gallery

    "            Art London Art Fair, with Bertram

2009        Gallery LeFort Fine Art, Bath


                  Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, London

                  Dorsey &  Whitney, London




Achaladair, Near Rannoch Moor.
Andrew George


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