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Peter Vincent

Brief Intro

Society Membership:

Pastel Society

Other Society Memberships:

Chartered Society of Designers, Royal Society of Arts

Biographical details:

1941 Born in Yorkshire Trained at Southend School of Graphic Design
1993 Retired to pursue artistic ambition.
Spends one morning a week as a volunteer in the art studio at Headway object drawing with people with acquired brain inquiry.

Artist's statement:

I came to pastels as a young man working in Canada alongside man doing wonderful free illustrations of the project we were working on and have used them ever since for both work and pleasure. I note that my work has gone from loose to tightly graphic recently.


Mainly Pastel Society exhibitions, art festivals and open studio exhibitions.

Method of working:

I use pastels rather like watercolour artists - by creating a pallet of colour and dipping into I using tissue paper and hands to apply the pastel. I use paper masks, all the time, rather like a screenprinter lays on different areas of colour. I love the blank sheet of card or paper and not knowing what I will end up with. I make thumbnail sketches or more recently use photos for reference.

Scholarships, Awards, Prizes:

Unison Award
Daler Rowney


Linear Sundown
Peter Vincent PS


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