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Artist's statement

Primarily, my interests lie in perceptual truths and the ability to be as sincere as possible to visual experience, in order to enable others towards experiencing the act of looking at an object. On the surface, this statement of intent sounds quite simple; when one looks at an object, a tree for example, one recognises the symbol of a silver birch, the shape of the leaf, the configuration of the bark and we have the idea, the concept, we don't need to look any more. There is the assumption of knowledge that evokes a symbol of the object that falls into a category of understanding. The ability to categorise and name is an essential quality of language. Language relies on a conceptual collective understanding of symbols to communicate effectively. This poses a temporal problem because of an inherent reliance on pre-established experience, in effect, evoking historical knowledge. The evocation of historical experience is a denial of the moment. My intention through my sculpted work is to create a sculpted object that would need to be engaged with, to understand. It leads me to construct familiar objects that hinder categorisation as a closed concept. The objects do not fall into historical understanding but exist perceptually in the moment of engagement. The work operates in the intersis in perceptual enquiry as the analogue of experiential understanding oscillating between felt understanding and discovery.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2008    Art for the Twenty-first Century, Gallery LeFort, Bath
2007    MA Show, Canterbury, Sidney Cooper Gallery
2007    Canterbury Festival (Open House) Canterbury
2007    Artist in residence, Simon Langton Girls School, Canterbury
2006    Canterbury Festival (Open House) Canterbury
2006    Drawings, Canterbury, Sidney Cooper Gallery
2005    Drawings and paintings, Highgate, Lauderdale House
2004    Carving and Modelling, an invitation from English Heritage
2004    Art Actually, The Hanbury Gallery, Brick Lane
2004    Degree Show, Canterbury, Sidney Cooper Gallery

Andrew Warner


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