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Anna was born in Bristol. She received a BA Hons degree in English Literature from Merton College, Oxford, where she attended courses at the Ruskin School of Art and her work is in the University collection. She then studied for a Masters degree in History of Art at University College, London, specialising in Dutch and Spanish 17th-century painting and also took classes at the Slade School of Art. After working in London for several years, at the National Portrait Gallery amongst other museums and galleries, she now lives and works in Bath.

Anna has participated in several group exhibitions at galleries including the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol and the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath. In 2009 she had shows in Bath and on Alderney, the Channel Island. In 2010 she has shown at the Gallery Lefort in Bath, where her work is currently available.


24 June - 19 September 2010: Anna's painting Self-portrait (with Ribera's Clubfooted Boy) is currently exhibited in the BP Portrait Award 2010 at the National Portrait Gallery. Her painting won one of 55 places in the show, from a field of almost 2,000 submitted works, which will then go on tour to various galleries around the country.

Artist's Statement:

In my paintings I aim to explore how the inanimate objects surrounding us in our everyday lives contain and convey different meanings. I am particularly interested in ideas of memory and residual traces, for example the images in the Dark Series were explicitly concerned with mortality and influenced by a reading of Proust. Many forms of literature feed into my work, as do the traditions of Western still life painting, in particular Dutch and Spanish 17th-century art, the Neue Sachlichkeit movement, and the work of William Nicholson amongst many others.

On a formal level all my paintings try to explore a matrix of colour, light, composition and patterning, within the parameters of a genre - I find that working within these imposes demands which are stimulating, in the way that verse forms can both discipline and inspire poetry. I always work from life and usually precede painting with sketches and drawings.

Dark Series Expresso Cup
Anna Dougherty


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