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Born in London, I now live and have a studio in Bath. My love of drawing began the moment I picked up a pencil but initially I decided to follow a career in architecture. I worked as an architect until 1999 when the lure of an HB pencil became greater than that of computers, paperwork and committees.

Completely self-taught since school, I have developed my own work by studying the artists that I most admire. Foremost amongst these influences are J.M.W. Turner; watercolourists of the 18th & 19th centuries and the oil paintings of Walter Sickert & Edward Seago.

I moved to Larkhall over twenty years ago and worked as an architect in Bath, Oxford and London until 1999 when I decided that drawing and painting were more important to me and my sanity than computers, paperwork and committees.

Artist's comment:

My main inspiration to draw and paint comes from the landscape, townscapes, changes in light, variations in weather and the seasons. In developing as a painter I have been influenced mainly by the work of J.M.W. Turner and the watercolourists of the 18th & 19th centuries.

Work is either finished en-pleine, back at my studio or as a combination of the two methods.



The Circus, Bath
Simon Hodges


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