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Born in Cheshire, Terry McKivragan studied at Wimbledon School of Art. He then followed a career in advertising as a designer and illustrator culminating in the running of his own design studio.


As an illustrator, he developed a love for watercolours which, inspired by the later works of Turner, grew in strength so that he gradually left the commercial world to concentrate  on watercolour painting and later, in acrylics, a medium that lends itself to paintings with a more impressionistic approach, exploring the use of colour and textures. More recently he has also been successfully painting in oils.


Terry prefers to develop his paintings in the studio, based on sketchbook material

backed up by photography. He says; “Back in the studio is where the fun really begins”, creating ideas for a painting from the material by a series of mini sketches.


Exhibitions include; The Hunting Prize finalist’s exhibition,  The Laing Art finalist’s Exhibition, the RA summer Exhibition, The Singer Friedlander / Sunday Times Watercolour  Exhibition and The Discerning Eye Exhibition.


After winning the RI  Medal, Terry was elected a member  of the Institute in 1997.

He has exhibited with other Mall Galleries societies: The NEAC, the RSMA and the RBA.

And he is a member of The Chelsea Art Society.


Terry’s work has been featured in “Acrylics Masterclass” – a book which discusses the work of nine artists , “Paint ! Seascapes and Waterways” a book that compares the work of fourteen artists and “ The Watercolour Skies & Clouds Techniques of 23 international artists;  “Watercolour Innovations” by Jackie Simmonds featuring eight artist’s work and “Vibrant Watercolours” by Shirley Trevena.


Terry’s paintings are to be found in various galleries round the UK and in private and corporate collections  throughout the UK and abroad. His work is published in limited edition prints, calendars and greeting cards, selling throughout the UK.

The Designer
Terry Mckivragan RI


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