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5th June 2009 - 3rd July 2009

Introducing the International Figurative artist, William Balthazer Rose to Gallery LeFort.

William's wide ranging paintings will be on show from landscapes of the city of Bath to the landscapes of the Upper tiber Valley in Italy, together with the wonderful world of the whimsical series of 'the Cook and His Apprentice'.

William's love of art originated in childhood - influenced by the air of interest for divergent, artistic expression he breathed in his family, he began to draw and paint. His painting is hermetic, the forms are simple and indefinite: notable is the influnece he has received from artists such as Piero della Francesa, Ottone, Rosai and Georgio Morandi in painting and Frederico Fellini and Paolo Pasolini in cinema.

An introductory Essay to the William Rose Catalogue, Tradition and an Individual Talent, has been kindly written by Professor Edward Chaney.

Professor Chaney is Professor of Fine and Decorative Arts at Southampton Solent University and founding Chair of the History of Collecting Research Centre. He taught at the University of Pisa for six years and was an Associate at Harvard University's Villa 1 Tatti in Florence, returning to Britain as the Shuffrey Research Fellow in Architectural History at Lincoln College, Oxford. His Warburg Institute PhD was published as The Grand Tour and the Great Rebellion in 1985. Since then he has published A Traveller's Companion to Florence, The Evolution of the Grand Tour, The Evolution of English Collecting, Richard Eurich: 1903 -1992: Visionary Artist and Inigo Jones's 'Roman Sketchbook'. He is now writing a book on The Idea of Ancient Egypt in Early Modern Europe.

An Exhibition Catalogue is available direct from Gallery LeFort on 01225 428347

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Figures and Bicyclists (Italy)
William Balthazar Rose

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