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Exhibitions > 'Up to the Line' A group exhibition devoted to Equestrian Art

10th July 2009 - 14th August 2009


Referring to the manner of de Blaue Reiter led by Franz Marc in 1915, some artists in this show intend to show the inner spiritual side of nature and the essence or truth behind nature. Others appear to work to accurately protray the horse's physical appearance and beauty. The contrast and combination creates a dynamite of interpretation of vitality and movement.

Katja Hannula from Finland paints in vibrant oil on canvas and engages with the inner spirit of the horse. Equaly piquant, Gil Bustamante seeks to portray an Arab horse's inner soul in watercolour. Kate Ward's vivacious pen and ink drawings of riders and racing capture the full excitement of the competition. Sarah King's photographs of Spanish horses and Amanda Hall's works are colourful ilustrations of the horses' faultless spirit.

The sculptor, Judy, Boyt,  MA FRBS SEA,works with the animal building flesh and muscle to create sculptures of gravitas and great presence that capture the living essence in the final metal cast. Judy is known for her work in bronze and silver. Sarah Coward, FRBS creates one-off bronze commissions. She too works straight from the horse and is often sketching in the fields of Dorset. Jonathan Wylder is a self-taught artist who has sculpted, amongst many other famous figures, a life size statue of Milton, the famous international show jumper, ridden by John Whittaker and here is showing his recent pieces.



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Kate Ward

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