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10th September 2010 - 1st October 2010

Gallery LeFort Fine Art presents a three man exhibition showing recent works by Nicholas Turner RWA, Andrew George with his extraordinary paintings in egg tempera and introducing the prominent London artist Edward Beale, with his outstanding impasto still life and landscape paintings.

Nicholas Turner is one of the Royal West of England's youngest elected academicians about whom, the Past President of the Royal West of England, Derek Balmer writes, 'The painting of Nicholas Turner reflect a calm and gentle disposition and a poetic modesty. They are calm and unhurried and hark back to a time of peace and tranquility, subtle reminders of the fundamentals of life. Although Cezanne may be a significant mentor it is to the Pointillists that give these paintings their calm authority.'

In an article by the art dealer Geoffrey Betram in 2009 with regard to painters who take the trouble to paint with egg tempera,  'Andrew George is one such artist, his paintings are incredibly well observed, multiple perspectives lead the eye to a combination of vanishing points, that provide a wonderful sense of space and distance. The landscapes are selected for their sense of the sublime.'

Finally, Edward Beale the prominent London artist who comes to us from Petley's Fine Art in Cork Street, where he has exhibited with great success with solo shows since 1994.  Edward trained at Camberwell School of Art and then a Royal Academy Scholarship where he flourished winning the Edwin Landseer Prize and the David Murray Travelling Scholarhsip on two occasions. Edward describes that he aims for a sense of energy within his paintings and the densityof the colours and sensuousness of the paint on the brush are important qualities in his work.

 For further information regarding these three artists, please consult the artist's own biography etc on this website.

Featured Artists: Andrew George, Edward Beale


Exhibition Slideshow


Sunset over The Thames
Edward Beale

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