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8th November 2010 - 27th November 2010

During November 2010 Gallery LeFort presents a major exhibition of someoof their  recent paintings and drawings of city and country scenes stretching from bath and looking outward across the world by some of our noted artists:  Edward Beale, Laurence Belbin, Simon Hodges, Felicity House, Moira Huntly and Nicholas Turner. In addition there will be fine bronzes by  Andrew Thomas, Jonathan Wylder and Olivia Clifton-Bligh  together with works by the eminent sculptors, John Huggins and Judy Boyt.

All images will be available to view on this website within one week of the Exhibition opening.

During this exhibition and contributing to the 'BATH ART AFFAIR'  ( Nov 12 to Nov 21)  there will be a special open evening with live jazz music by 'A Class Act' at the Gallery on the evening of Friday 19th from 6.00 until 8.00pm.


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The Royal Crescent in Autumn, Bath
Simon Hodges

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